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Organising A Party?

Organising your children’s party can be more fun than organising an adult party. Below we have everything you need to arrange the best party in town.

Pick a theme with your child. It is not essential but having a theme will help you know what decorations to buy, what food to prepare, and what games to plan. Organising a fancy dress party can also be great fun (think Jake and the Neverland PirateDisney Planes, or Thomas the Tank Engine) but general themes work too (pirates, fairies, princesses, etc.). Unless they want something that just isn’t appropriate, allow them creative freedom. Sit down with your child at the table with a pen and paper and write down all the ideas you both like.

Some themes will obviously be more difficult than others. See what’s available or search online at

Once you have decided on a day and time you need to decide on a location. Will you arrange the party at home and allow lots of children into your house, Could be risky but could also be great fun. Why not hold your birthday party at the local village hall or nearby pub or café. This allows you more time to spend enjoying the party.

Take your child’s age into account. Generally, the younger the child, the earlier the party. You do not have to entertain all day–a few hours is more than sufficient. If you’re not having it at home, consult the desired venue to see what times are available.

If you have a theme then why not get themed party invitations. Themed party invitations are available from Don’t forget to put the start and end times, address, and your contact details. Send them out early to avoid disappointment. Also indicate on the invitations whether parents can come along, It’s best to have a couple of others to help.

For everything from party tablecloths to party banners you can buy all your themed party tableware from . If you buy all you party bag fillers from PartyBits2008 you will get them all delivered at once and on time. If we don’t have a specific something, ask! We may be able to order it for you.

Don’t be afraid to go super theme-oriented. If you’re having a Pirate Themed Party, have them take part in a garden treasure hunt and search for gold coins by following a map.

Don’t be afraid to go super simple. Nowadays, kids aren’t playing the old school games they could be. Instead of having them all plop down in front of the Wii or X-Box, have them play Musical Chairs, Pass the Parcel or Blind Man’s Bluff, or have relay races.

For older children, have more free time. The older the child, the less structured the party should be. Kids will likely want to do their own thing at one point or another. If they express this, don’t stress. More free time for you and the other parents!

Party Favors and Party Bags. Your guests always enjoy receiving there going home party bagsand these can be made up to suit any budget. PartyBits2008 has a range of pre filled party bags ready filled and ready to just hand out. These a filled with a selection of our most popular party loot bag fillers. With prices starting from 50p per bag it really takes the hassle out of shopping.

Plan the party food. The essential item of food is the party cake. Will you bake one or buy one? Or two? Cupcakes are easy and super trendy these days and saves you cutting up to put in the party bag. Just remember to either get the order in early or get the ingredients early.

Don’t forget to Give the other parents your mobile telephone number on the off chance they’re running late, early, or sending someone else to pick up their child.

You will also need more than just cakes. The good old days revolved around jam sandwiches and crisps but why not try pizzas and chips, cocktail sausages and fish fingers.

The price of these has dropped and you can pick up 20 or so fish fingers for under £1. This has got to be simpler and quicker than spreading endless slices of bread. You can then serve your party food up on your themed party plates. As an alternative why not try PartyBits2008 Themed Party Lunchboxes. These come flat packed and easily open out. You can fill these with hot food, cold food or even party bag fillers.

If it’s a nice day outside and you have a grill, kids love hot dogs and hamburgers. Don’t forget the buns, mustard, and ketchup!

Have glasses (and cutlery in general) that are safe for the kids to use. Things may get broken — so don’t break out your fine china. Be prepared for a mess.

As the child leaves, take note. Have them say goodbye to everyone, gather their things, their party favor, and mentally check them off their list. Never let the child leave on their own or with an adult you don’t recognise.

Above all enjoy the party!!!

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