Sweet Ingredients

PartyBits2008 uses specially selected branded sweets in their range of filled sweet bags. Our sweet suppliers include Haribo, Maoam, Swizzels and Candy Land to name a few.

In some cases it may be necessary to replace the sweets pictured in your filled sweet bags with alternatives due to the availability of stock. Due to this we are unable to guarantee that any of our filled sweet bags are suitable for vegetarians, halal or free from nuts. The ingredients listed below relate to the general advice offered from the sweet manufacturer’s websites and this information is correct at the time of writing this. For up to date information please visit the individual sweet website.

At PartyBits2008 we do not stock and store boxes and boxes of sweets on the premises. We have regular deliveries so all our sweets have an excellent shelf life and use by date.

Our filled sweet bags are made up with sweets from several different sweet manufactures. To ensure that your filled bag is used before the use by date please refer to the dates listed on the individual sweets. Sweets that do not have a date printed on them will have been checked by us and will be guaranteed in date for at least 1 month from the date of purchase. Further details can be obtained by contacting us