PartyBits2008 has been delivering Filled Party Bags and Party Bag Fillers for over 10 years.
We have a great range of party fillers and party bags to help you with your party planning.
Pre Filled Party Bags from as little as 80p.
Pre Filled Sweet Bags from just 75p
Pre Filled Party Pots from 95p
Party Bag Fillers from 4p
Most of our items are sold individually so you can buy just what you need.

PartyBits2008 specialises in Alternative Party Bag Ideas, Filled Party Bags and Party Bag Sweets.

PartyBits2008 was setup in 2008 and it all started off with an order of glowsticks. I sold on Ebay like many others and as sales continued so did my range. I tried to offer customers value for money and to this day I still have that at the top of my agenda. I try to offer everything as single items rather than offering packs of 5, 10, 24 etc. This cuts down on waste and cost and gives the customer exactly what they want.

Alternative Party Bag Ideas, Party Bag Sweets and Filled Party Bags

Over the years my range of party bag fillers and children’s party supplies has increased as I have tried to explore and develop new ideas. I am always looking for alternative party bag ideas where people may need something a little different. I then started to produce filled party bags. A selection of popular party bag fillers packaged in a resealable bag. From here I developed my very own Party Pots . Great little party pots which are filled with loads of our best party bag fillers and decorated with fun stickers or our generic branding stickers suitable for girls parties, boys parties or even as alternatives wedding party ideas. As well as these alternative party bag ideas, PartyBits2008 are also developing a range of ready made party bag sweets. We have a great range of filled party bags and these really do offer great value for money.

It has clearly not all been a walk in the park. There have been issues with suppliers and also other challenges and things are always changing. It has been a challenge but an enjoyable one and keeping costs low, offering great value and service is what I always try to achieve. In the early days my 3 children were my product testers and tasters but sadly not so much now but PartyBits2008 is a family run small business which started from nothing and which hopefully has enabled others to benefit from our range of filled party bags, party bag sweets and the great value for money which we offer.