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Mini Foam Gliders - Party Glider Planes

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These have just landed in our store and PartyBits2008 want to be the first to bring you these amazing Flying Star Party Gliders.

These little rocket gliders are like jet planes when you throw them across the garden.

Made from foam they are easily constructed in as little as 20 second.

Simply push the pre cut foam parts together and attach the nose and your ready to start flying.

The mini star glider plane has a wing span of just 9cm and is only 8cm long.

Adjust the direction with the wing flaps and away you go.
These have proven to be very popular with boys and girls and can be flown both indoor and outdoors but I guess outside is probably best. The more space the better.

The gliders come flat packed and are individually wrapped and are ideal for putting in party bags.

Why not give them a fly…..

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